New Penn Financial - Sara Cowley Design
Clean and professional graphic design with conservative branding for Mortgage Company
Clean and professional graphic design, conservative branding
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Branding and Design for Mortgage Company

How does one mortgage company talk to consumers, builders, realtors, and recruiters with one voice?

The answer: brand consistency, target audience segmentation and messaging, and a social media strategy to engage diverse audiences.

And to engage each of those segments, a social media strategy complemented the materials. We provided New Penn with a posting calendar, complete with seasonal headers, logo updates, contest ideas, and content messaging to engage the various segments while speaking with one corporate voice.

And finally, to make the materials useful for loan officers, we streamlined the process to allow them easy access to custom sales tools. We created an automated process for employees to order signage, ads, e-mail templates and other tools, freeing their time to close more loans, while providing them access to professional materials which reflect the New Penn brand identity.

Branding, marketing collateral